Senior Price Guide

COPYRIGHT LAW - Under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976, photographs are protected by copyright from THE moment of creation. According to the U.S. Copyright office, the owner of the "work" is GENERALLY the photographer or, in certain situations, the employer of the photographer." It is illegal to scan, copy, edit or otherwise use or share images or digital media without prior permission from the photographer.

F A Q 's


Please email or call 989-862-5200 or message on

to set up your session date. A retainer of $150 is due to reserve your spot and an invoice will be sent to your email address provided. If the invoice is not paid within 48 hours your session time will be forfeit.

Please tell me your senior's name, the dates you would like to consider and which session you are interested in when emailing or messaging :) 

I schedule seniors Tuesday through Friday morning and evening during summer and after school during fall and winter. 

Day of Session

My address is 8288 W. Henderson Rd, Elsie 48831 

2 miles east of Meridian Road 1 mile north of Mead Rd. and can be found easily by Google mapping 

Iryshe Photography 

(blue house with red barns and lots of chickens!)

 If we are shooting a morning session on location we may agree to meet there! Evening sessions usually begin between 4:30 and 6 pm depending on the season and morning sessions generally at 9:30 am. 

There is a second deposit due the day of your session. I can either invoice you for $150 or you can bring a check or cash. 

This is due before images are imported to the computer! 


When your images are ready to view I will message you with a link to your personal online gallery.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for finished images depending on season. 

Your $300 deposits will go toward your session and order when placed by the deadline of December 1st for anyone shot before October 15th. The deadline is February 1st for those with fall sessions. A $50 fee will be applied to galleries that expire without an order placed. 

A shopping cart is added to your gallery for easy organizing of your order. Please do NOT check out of this cart as I am unable to subtract your deposits correctly or apply any sheet quantity discounts. Please let me know when your order is ready to review and I will go over everything with you and invoice you through the same system as the deposits :) 


I am more than happy to make payment arrangements with you. Half of the remaining balance is required to begin processing your order. The remaining balance is due before ANY part of your order leaves the studio.

We accept all forms of credit, debit, cash and check.

Other Questions

*Can I place an additional order later?

Yes, you are more than welcome to add to your order anytime after you meet the deadline. Orders placed after this deadline will be required to order through the gallery and will be charged a shipping charge BUT the order is shipped directly to your home for your convenience!

*Can I have an initial order shipped to my house?

Yes, you are able to order directly through the gallery and pay shipping but PLEASE contact me first for the correct balance do not check out through the gallery without contacting me first.  

How long until my order is ready?

Initial orders take up to 8 weeks for delivery. Secondary orders of previously retouched/ordered images sent through your gallery usually only take about 2 weeks! There is no minimum order for secondary orders only shipping charges.